1. leonsbuddydave:

    Eclipse 4.3 Changelog:

    - Added the word “Eclipse” to the spellcheck dictionary

    - Corrected an instance in which Eclipse would fail to crash for no reason

    - Increased the saturation of the application icon

    - Printed out all the menu trees, cut them into strips, tossed them onto flypaper and modified Eclipse to match the new configuration

    - Added six second delay to code autocomplete

    - Added eight second delay to keyboard input

    - Re-cropped splash screen image

    - Added ten second delay to splash screen

    - Redefined “malloc(” to “malloc(2*”

    - Corrected an uncommon instance in which the code edit window was briefly interactive and usable

    - Removed “Check for updates” menu option and moved this functionality into its own gigantic, weighty dashboard, because fuck you I guess

    - Corrected an instance in which XML parser could handle malformation errors without taking Windows down with it

    - Removed and corrected several instances of intuitive, usable dialog boxes

    - Started using source control

    - Felt good enough to lock the gun drawer for ten whole minutes

    - Rewrote it in C/C++

    - Tried and failed to cross the threshold of a church